Purchase guide

Order fulfillment and registration:

In order to place an order, go to the menus at the top of the website to select your desired product and finally click on the “Add to Cart” button to add your product to your shopping list.

After registering the order, you should go to your cart and finalize the order and pay for it. To do this, simply click on the “cart” or the image below it at the top left of the website.

In the process of finalizing your order, you will need to specify the shipping address, shipping method and payment method. It is worth noting that the “Payment Information” page also has the option of selecting a payment gateway, on-site payment, and items such as entering discount information. Finally, before transferring the buyer to the bank for online payment of the ordering fee, a summary of the order status and costs will be announced that will be transferred to the bank page if the buyer is approved.

After finalizing the order, the store will automatically send you an Email to your e-mail address, in addition to displaying the successful order registration and submitting te order summary. Store experts send orders once a day at 4pm.

If the order is registered during non-office hours and on weekends, orders will be shipped in priority order in the first office hours of the following day.

Whenever a buyer logs in with their username and password, they can view their order history and the status of each order in the orders section. The status of each order can be one of the following:

Paid, pending, shipped and returned

“Paid” status: Order costs in this situation are fully paid for by the buyer and are subject to review by sales experts.

“In Review” Status: Orders in this status are being reviewed by sales experts for shipment.

“Shipped” status: Orders in this status have been sent by the company. Orders from all regions are shipped by courier.

“Returned” status: Orders in this status have been returned to the company due to the absence of a buyer on site.

commodity prices:

The prices listed on the site are the same as the prices quoted on the packaging.

Orders less than 200 Turkish Lira  will be charged including shipping and shipping costs to the buyer. Further orders of this amount include free shipping.

The goods purchased by the customer after the registration will be calculated the same amount and will not apply to the previously registered orders if the price of the goods changes on the website. Prices will be constant until secondary notice.

In the case of discounted goods, the amount of the discount is clearly stated in the specifications. Also in all cases the price is final.

In some cases, discounts are announced for the entire shopping cart, which is automatically calculated in the process of finalizing the order registration.

Note: It is possible to enter a discount coupon or gift code in the order registration process. If you enter and belong to these codes, the discount will be displayed in the cart. So if you enter a discount code and see the error message, remove the code and continue registering your order. Because some products do not include any discounts by using a discount code or gift code. Therefore, if you enter a discount code for orders that contain such products, no discount will be awarded and unfortunately if you place an order, your discount code will not be used without a discount.

How to pay:

During your order finalization process, you will be given 3 options to pay.

1- Payment on-site at the time of delivery.

2 – Payment by deposit to account or card to card

3 – Online payment: through secure electronic payment gateways using all bank cards.

Tracking Orders:

After completing the ordering and payment process, the system will provide you with a custom order code for tracking. You can check your order status at any time of the day by visiting the company website and entering the code in the “Order Tracking” section.

Preparation, transportation and delivery of goods:

Successfully paid orders in “paid” status:

* Orders from the Famagusta and Iskele  areas will be shipped on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 5-7pm.

* Orders from the Lefkosha and Kyrenia and Gozali Yurt areas will be shipped on Tuesdays and Fridays between  5-7pm.

Note: Company hours are Saturday to Wednesday from 8 am to 8 pm, excluding weekends.

Commodity Reference:

None of the goods sold by the Onewillstudio Store will be returned. If you have any problems you can use after sales service and company support.

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