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Your use of the” OnewillStudio “Web Site Website constitutes your acceptance of all terms set forth on this page. The contents of this page refer to the site of the “OnewillStudio “Store” at: www.OnewillStudio.com The contents of this page are subject to change at any time, and reserves the right to “OnewillStudio ” store, act, update or modify the content of this page without prior notice. Users are required to periodically refer to this page to be aware of any changes to the rules. OnewillStudio will also publish a news update after each update on changes to this page.

1- Any misuse of information is subject to prosecution and no natural person, legal entity or web site may in any way use the information on the website to resell, reproduce or generate traffic to its website. If you wish to use the services and contents of the Website for commercial purposes, you must notify us in advance and contact us. Use of the OnewillStudio Website Content for personal websites and blogs is permitted only with the source and address of the Website provided that it is not for commercial purposes.

2. Users should fill in the relevant form with the correct information when registering and ordering the desired product. In case of incomplete or incorrect information, the user order will not be followed up and delivered.

3. You assure OnewillStudio online store that you will not use this website for any purpose that is contrary to the terms of “OnewillStudio Store Site”. You will not use the “OnewillStudio Store Site” in such a way as to damage, disable or damage the Website. You are also not permitted to attempt to access information, content, or entries that are not intentionally made available or provided through the site pages.

4- OnewillStudio Store Website “may contain links to other websites. These websites may not be under the control of OnewillStudio Online Store and OnewillStudio Online Store and its administrators have no responsibility for the contents of such websites, including links. The OnewillStudio Store Site provides these links for your convenience and the existence of any of these links does not imply endorsement or any link we have with other webmasters. Sites that link to the “OnewillStudio Store Site” pages may be accessed by people outside the OnewillStudio store c, so the OnewillStudio Store Website cannot be guaranteed to do so. You agree to be liable for any damage or damage to your computer through viruses or other malicious files that may result from downloading and You will be responsible for the use of the data and files belonging to the websites linked to the OnewillStudio Store Site.

5- OnewillStudio Online Store “disclaims any responsibility for the deletion of its web pages or dead links. The Website Services are provided” as is “and” OnewillStudio Online Store “is not responsible for any delay or It is not responsible for the malfunction of the website which may be caused by internet problems, manpower, natural factors, computer equipment,

telecommunications, and so on. 6. OnewillStudio Online Store “does not guarantee the reliability, ease, accuracy of information, software, products, services and graphics available and without warranty or guarantee” as is “under the” OnewillStudio Online Store “under Under no circumstances shall we accept any possible damages that may be caused by any loss of access or information resulting from your use of the OnewillStudio Web Store or the delay or inability to use the Website or its Services.

7. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and shall constitute the complete agreement of the User with the terms of use of the “OnewillStudio Online Store” and supersede all prior or current agreements.

8. OnewillStudio Online Store “does not require monitoring and control of community services. However,” OnewillStudio Online Store “reserves the right to review the content posted on the Collective Services and to track any inappropriate entries and Eliminates need and power.

9. We may change our services for any reason at different times without notice and we reserve the right to change the terms of these services. Therefore, the Terms of Service of the OnewillStudio Online Store will be updated from time to time. If this is the case, the date shown at the top of this page will indicate the latest update time. You agree that your continued use of the Website constitutes acceptance of any changes. If the Terms of Service include any major changes, the notice will be posted on the homepage.

10. Any real or legal user has the right to create an account at OnewillStudio Online Shop only. Obviously, creating more than one account will be considered an infringement, and reserves the right to “OnewillStudio ” store any time at any time, without prior notice, to block fake or duplicate accounts.

Seller and buyer obligations

Dealer = OnewillStudio online

store. Buyer = natural or legal person submitting purchase order form.

1. The seller undertakes to take care of the personal and personal information of the buyer to the fullest extent possible and to keep this information completely confidential and not to provide it to any natural or legal person unless officially and legally authorized.

2. The seller must provide the buyer with accurate and complete information.

3. The seller is obliged to deliver the healthy and perfect goods to the buyer in accordance with what is presented in the terms. If the goods are shipped using the country’s postal network, the OnewillStudio online store is not liable for damage to the product due to improper handling by the postal company.

4- The seller is obliged, after receiving the form and confirming the order, to prepare the purchased item in the shortest possible time and deliver it to the buyer in proper packaging. If the order is shipped by post, any post-delivery disruption during delivery will be the responsibility of the postal company.

5. If the goods are delivered by courier in NorthCyprus in a healthy appearance and elsewhere by post, if the internal contents of the goods are defective, the seller shall be obliged to arrange for defects or deficiencies at its discretion as soon as possible. Make the time possible with the buyer.

6. The seller can cancel the order for any reason and for any reason refuse to send the order. Obviously, subsequent adjustments should be made by the seller and the buyer if needed.

7. The buyer is obliged to provide the seller with accurate and complete information for receiving order by mail.

8. The buyer is obliged to obtain the necessary information about the goods through the seller’s site before submitting the order form and purchasing any goods and then submitting his order.

9. The buyer may not request a cancellation upon confirmation of the purchase order by the seller and in the status of “paid”, “pending” and “shipped”.

10. The buyer is obliged to thoroughly examine the goods when receiving the goods from the post or courier and to refrain from accepting them if they see any effects of fracture or damage. The seller is not responsible for the fracture or defective appearance of the goods after the buyer receives the goods.

11. The buyer is obliged to be present at the place specified in the order form when receiving a post or courier agent and, if not present, within the period specified in the Post Company Notice, to the post office of his residence and to To receive the goods. Obviously, if the buyer is not present at the place stated at the time of ordering and returning the product, it will be the responsibility and expense of the resale with the buyer.

12. For orders shipped by courier, courier is obliged to deliver “purely” order to the customer’s primary entrance door. Therefore, buyers in residential or office complexes should go to the front door of the building and deliver the product.

13. If the buyer refuses to accept the goods shipped by the company (by post or courier company) and if the postage is referred to the post office to receive the goods, he will be obliged to pay the shipping cost It is not responsible for the failure of the product to reach the buyer.

14. Goods purchased by the buyer are non-refundable. 15 Buyers are required to read the information on the “Buying Guide” page before buying

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